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We represent former military members in Discharge Review Boards and Boards of Correction for Military Records for all Military Branches. Read below for more information.

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Discharge Review Boards


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We help upgrade military discharges for those for military members from all services.  Your service deserves the right and just characterization for your time in service. Too many times, commanders have overstepped their authority, let us help correct their abuses!

Discharge Review Boards can be difficult without the right representation. Over the last several years successful discharge upgrades are less than 10% of petitions submitted. Now, more than ever, you need the right representation. Call us now and see what we can do for you!

Correction of Military Records


Our Services

We represent those who have served our country in Boards for Correction of Military Records for all services. There can be many mistakes made during your service. Re-enlistment codes that need to be changed, law enforcement records you need expunged, or discharges from more than 15 years that need to be upgraded, we do it all. Your deserve records are right and just! Let us help you receive the justice you deserve!

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