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You defend our nation and deserve a military lawyer with the same level of commitment for your court-martial defense. Cumberworth Law is 100% dedicated to defending those Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who defend us. We offer worldwide military defense representation and are dedicated to ensuring we provide the best court-martial defense. We’re committed to providing you the dedication you deserve, with access to unmatched loyalty. We value each and every client relationship greatly. Unlike many defense counsel, we start researching and working your military defense NOW! We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. Bottom line- We fight for you!


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Going through the process of being accused and charged is extremely stressful. Additionally, you have the added burden to trust the military lawyer who will represent you. On the one hand, you will receive an appointed military defense counsel by the military, who is most likely inexperienced in the courtroom. And though the appointed military defense counsel is free, they are usually junior and have very little experience litigating. On the other hand, you may talk with a civilian military defense counsel whose costs will make you mortgage the rest of your life. We help take away these stressors by providing the highest caliber court-martial defense at an cost you can manage. Talk with us now and see how we can take as much of the stress off of you as we can!


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We guarantee effective, aggressive military defense representation now. Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes.​​

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