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Adam J. Cumberworth


Adam J. Cumberworth is our military lawyer and leads the team of Cumberworth Law, LLC. He is a former active duty Air Force JAG. From the beginning of his career, Adam was continually recognized for his legal acumen and ability in the courtroom. He  spent his first years assigned to Air Force Special Operation units. Adam's legal ability set him apart early in his career. As a junior officer in the Air Force, he was deployed multiple times as the senior legal advisor to joint special forces units. As the lead legal advisor, Adam provided legal advice on a wide range of operational legal issues.

Adam was also recognized for his ability and expertise in the courtroom. Over the six years he litigated in the courtroom for the Air Force, Adam was routinely regarded as the "top litigator" by his leadership. In his final assignment in the Air Force, Adam was hand-selected as the Senior Trial Counsel (senior prosecutor) for the Pacific Circuit, covering installations across the Pacific Ocean and Asia.  As the Senior Trial Counsel, Adam was the lead attorney on the most serious cases within his jurisdiction. Not only did Adam lead prosecutions on cases within his own jurisdiction, he was also entrusted with leading trial teams on cases across the globe. Adam was also tasked with training other litigators, to teach them the skills he continually demonstrated. Adam's leadership trusted his ability in the courtroom and detailed him to more trials than any other senior prosecutor.  

As a senior prosecutor, Adam saw the injustices that were, and still are, happening within the military  system and how the system was failing military members. All too often, Adam saw military leaders caring more about their own careers and the politics involved, than about the men and women they led. Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen were charged with crimes their commanders knew the evidence did not support. Adam also recognised the lack of experience with the military appointed defense counsel. He also witnessed military members not receiving the representation they deserved. These issues concerned Adam, and seeing as there were no changes coming in the near future, he started his own military defense practice to defend those who defend our country! As a seasoned prosecutor, Adam knows the tricks and strategies prosecutors use and he knows how to counter them. He can use his knowledge, experience, and expertise to counter their strategies to defend you. Call us now and let us explain how Cumberworth Law, LLC will provide the best military defense for you!

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